IMPORTANT Upgrade Information:
The below form is for clients that would like us to upgrade their installation of Sales Syntax Live Help For them. There are 2 options for this. Option one is we do a full upgrade in which we upgrade your database and your files but leave the data you collected in the live help system intact.

The other option is that we only apply the security patches that have been made from your current installation to the presend version . The last security update was version 3.6.2. If you choose this option we will only apply the security patches to your installation we will not do the full update. This option is only best for thoes of you who made a lot of alterations to the code.

Both of these options cost $15 each for us to do. If you would a more complex custom programming to be done please fill out our custom programming page at:

For a full list of what is new with version 3.6.2 visit:
Upgrade Information:
Full upgrade to 3.6.2 (recommended)
Please only Patch vulnerabilitys (select this option only if you have made lots of customizations to the code and only wisht to have security patches made.)
E-mail Address :
Url of Sales Syntax Installation:
In order to upgrade your installation we will need FTP access to your account
(PLEASE enter your FTP info below NOT your MySQL information we need to upload files to your server.):
Did you make any customizations to the program that you would like to retain. If so What changes in what files did you make . Please try to be as detailed as possible:

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